What is an OEM product?

They are those specified by our customers according to their market regulations, and which comply with the characteristics desired by the customer. Thanks to our extensive experience we can advise and improve the mechanics of the clients so that they are at the height of its competitors.

productos OEM

What benefits do I get?

These products allow to drastically reduce production costs to get rid of an R & D department for the implementation of a project. You will only need to show us the concept you need and we will create you the best solution.

The developments will always be owned by Server, so only must invest in the industrialization of the product, saving possible and cost overruns in the research project.

For this reason, Server is the best option in engineering, since the investment is much lower than any other company to be carried out the project from 0.

Licenses and regulations

Server develops the product always under the standards of electrical safety, emission and immunity, for the product to which it is intended. To trust in what we do, we performed a series of tests of pre-certification allowing to ensure the approval of a certifying with guarantees.

Until now, many products have been certified by APPLUS. For this reason, our experience creates a great value on our customers, with whom we collaborate and help achieve the correct approval obtaining thus saving time and costs.

productos OEM

Professional experience

We have a long experience in Server on electrical motors:

DC motor

Reluctance motor

Induction motor

Universal motor

Brushless motor

Stepper motor

Of those who use the following drivers:

Phase control

Position control

Frequency/voltage variation


Vector control (Brushless)


In which fields can be used?

We work in all kinds of sectors although the most important are the automotive, industry, consumption and medicine.

We have created numerous projects, and willing to separate them into categories according to their use, we get five large groups: ventilation, door control, pumps, industrial machinery and electric vehicles.



control de puertas

Door control





vehiculo electrico

Electric vehicles

Projects carried out

After years in the industry, we have the expertise to cover all types of projects personalized for each client. Here we highlight some of the work carried out for different companies.

Control of boilers

by GSM through messages SMS.

Digital control Slot

up to 8 cars with detours and fuel control.

Speed controllers

for tracks SLOT.

Drives with numerical control

for doors elevator.

Frequency inverter

for walls of high speed.

Frequency inverter

for pumps with PID and operation 2K5W.

Thermostatic controls

protection of three-phase motors.


industrial dryer.

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