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Experts in speed regulators

We are a company that provides integrated solutions of design and manufacture specialized in controls for electric motors.
We provide a unique and exclusive quality to each project offering total coverage from the facet of design to the preparation of the final product.


We develop the best solution to achieve full satisfaction with the final result.


We are backed by more than 30 years of experience in the sector, thus achieving the best quality.


We adapt to each customer’s needs by offering a unique and exclusive service.

OEM Products

The experience of more than 30 years designing controls It has allowed us to access all types of land beyond of the industry.
We get like this offer different sections of products for the elaboration, production and use of different components fully differentiated:


We implement the necessary mechanisms to take control of air systems in different facilities.

Door control

Develop the electronic necessary to carry out the control access and automatic doors from anywhere.


We apply our variable both in heat pumps, hydraulics and compressors, customized for each client.


We design and develop all kinds of engines for any field, both work and daily life.

Electric vehicles

We insert our AC drives in all types of vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and even wheelchairs.

Our products

As a result of a great demand for the same product, we designed our own components
standard to offer greater ease and reduce costs at the level developmental:

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