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Within OEM products, we have two inverters designed and developed by Server reguladores de velocidad S.L. Due to our long experience has allowed us to create two standard products to the market, offering the best performance with the lowest possible cost. You can then read in detail the corresponding specifications and manuals for more information. If you need it, we can advise you in the process of implementation and deployment on the verge.

Numerical control

This product is a frequency inverter coupled to a single-phase digital input control and three-phase output for the control of one axis.

The team allows a three-phase motor control up to 8 Amps phased remotely, using control scale with frequency/voltage variation. The system allows you to control, monitor and protect the motor against any abnormal reaction of maneuver.

The frequency inverter works in closed loop, through the reading of a Hall built into the motor encoder, integrating at the same time a numeric control for operation of doors or other elements.

It is ideal for control of warehouses and enclosures of gates and barriers.

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recent project

Frequency inverter

This is our product star and has been designed for the speed control of three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel cage rotor. It can also be used in single-phase Motors (to consult). Drives allow the regulation of the output frequency from 10 to 200% of the nominal motor speed (between 20 Hz and 100 Hz). Its main use is attributed especially in ventilation and traction applications.

In addition to controlling the speed, the drive can perform the functions of switch setting, change of direction, paths and ramps complex. Control of position or dosage.

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